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Ivan Starkov
Broker without active pr, but with the good trading conditions

That was kind of a miracle that I found out about the broker like AAFX Trading. I just like sometimes to take a look at the ratings of forex brokers, just to be aware, who is on top now and who offers what. I saw AAFX on one website in the top 10 and decided to find out what kind of broker is that, because before I even didn’t come across the name like this. I visited the website, read the conditions and decided, that it’s worth to trade a little bit because spread conditions seemed to be quite profitable. Sometimes I open mini-accounts with some brokers, I like to diversify the capital in order not to depend on one company. At the first sight broker like a broker. The trading through the usual MT4, nothing new, but the execution of the deal is pretty good, the platform doesn’t slow down, the chart doesn’t go through slippages, everything is ok. And spreads turned out to be really tight, 0,5-0,7 pips for eurusd on the normal marker during the European session. During the American spread jumped up to 1 pip a few times, but just a few. As a result, I decide to trade with AAFX for a little bit longer and try to make my first withdrawal. I just made enough profit during the several months and put 100 bucks on the withdrawal through Skrill. The money was accepted on that day. This is when I made the final decision to start trading with AAFX seriously, I made an additional deposit and started to use this broker as one of the main. So this is how I ended up to trade here already for more than a year, nothing has really changed during this time. The broker is still ok for both deals execution and money withdrawal (since then I made a withdrawal through Skrill for another two times). This is pretty strange and funny when you find the broker just accidentally – usually top companies are often discussed on the forums, but situations like this also happen) The resume. I am satisfied with the conditions and plan to trade with him further.